Great Escape envisions a world where members of a community make healthy choices regarding the use of mood and mind altering substances before engaging in risky sometimes deadly behaviors.

Our mission is to provide education and training to the community while equipping prospective, empahetic candidates to become effective counselors in the field of addiction and recovery.

Even though the main component of our services is the CASAC program in Long Island, we offer life experience that is essential to your training. We have a dedicated team of professionals  that are trained in our programs. If you are searching for CASAC training in Nassau County and the surrounding areas, our center will help train and educate you with the necessary information you need to start a new career or enhance your current career.  Our programs work to ensure you get where you want to be in your career.

For those in need substance abuse counseling, we can provide you with a referral to one of the various programs in the area. 

We currently offer the following Training's

       *    Job Prep

       *    Resume Writing​

       *    CASAC Exam Prep

       *    Recovery Coach Training

        *    NYS  Certified Peer Advocate (Education Hours)
         *   NYS Certified Recovery Coach (Education Hours) 

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CASAC Programs & Services in Long Island NY

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