Upate: I passed my exam 3/6/17
This was the best CASAC review class. Mr. Bryant not only knows what he is talking about but made it very fun to learn. The whole lay out and the way he presented the material was amazing. I did my schooling at ***** had I known about Great Escape I would taken it there just based off this one interaction. I will HIGHLY recommend this place to fellow people in the field. I hope that maybe a Suffolk Location will open up because I think it would thrive. Thanks again!                                                                                        Brian C. 02/21/17

THANK YOU❤. I passed my CASAC exam on 02/26/2017 and your Prep course and support was so helpful. The overall workshop is great and the study materials were spot on. I would highly recommend your course to anyone because I passed with flying colors. As you both know, I was beyond nervous and your support, repetition and encouragement meant so much to me. The opportunity to attend more than once was such a huge support. Your location is great even for those like me coming from Suffolk. Easy access, comfortable setting. Great team! I hope to see you both again. Thank you both. Simply the Best!!!

                                                                                                                  Anne T. Schmidt, LMSW, CASAC-T

"I am a CASAC with now over 10,000 hours in the field. I took the CASAC exam review class with GREAT ESCAPE led by Anthony Bryant. I found this extremely helpful and informative. Anthony broke down the topics that would be on the exam and was accurate in telling me what to focus on and what the overall pulse of the exam was going to be. This class was thorough in terms of the material discussed. Anthony was able to help me grasp the essence of what it means to deal with the client and the disease of addiction in the "real" world. This was a good preperation in order the answer the questions in a way that integrated "real" life with the classroom life."                                                                                                          --Rob Findlay, CASAC  02/19/17

 I started working for a hospital Intake department for Detox which I enjoyed and found quite fulfilling. Sadly, a few staff was displaced and eventually the Detox program was terminated. After years of putting my dreams on hold, I decided to put my B.A. in Psychology to use and finally pursue a career in Alcohol and Substance abuse counseling. I found Great Escape and I have no regrets. Mr. Bryant's teaching style is very radical and you're able to absorb and retain the knowledge taught. Great Escape is not a traditional class setting. It's a relaxed and casual teaching environment, instructed by instructors with vast knowledge and experience in the Substance Abuse field. During my time at Great Escape, I felt like I was surrounded by family and friends. Mr. Bryant and Esther are both very knowledgeable, helpful, understanding and supportive. I pray that God continues to bless you both, open more doors of opportunity and that Great Escape Inc. continues to touch lives and soars to its true potential. Thank you.                                                                         Tanesia Williams, CASAC-T

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Great Escape for the wonderful job they did in helping me prepare for my CASAC exam. I took their prep course, along with two private individual sessions with Anthony, and passed on my first try. The team approach during the prep course of Anthony and Esther to ensure I had the most appropriate study material was spectacular! Additionally, the individualized sessions with Anthony were the most helpful for me as they provided me with a specialized study path. The dedication of Mr. Bryant is very admirable, as we met on Christmas eve for a last study session as my exam was on 12/28/16. Needless to say I passed my exam.. I would recommend Great Escape to anyone interested in pursuing their CASAC.                                                                                                                                 Devon Resto, LCSW, CASAC 12/30/16

After 32 years of working a career, I decided I wanted to get into something completely different. I chose to get an education and certification in CASAC. I have not been in a classroom setting since 1983 . The fear of starting over and attending classes slipped into a passion rather quickly. Once enrolled, at Great Escape, Mr. Bryant helped me get over those fears. The way he approaches the material and life experiences, made all this new information easy to retain. At Great Escape, there is a very personal one on one experience. Any questions, or situation was handled with extremely high standards of professionalism. Esther as well has helped me with all the same enthusiasm, and professionalism. The material is gone over, and information shared as if it were tailor made for all students. Great Escape helped me with a placement as an intern at a outpatient facility. On the job, I am currently faced with situations that Mr. Bryant has shared with the class, that help me understand the task at hand, and how to come about a sloution that is appropriate for each clients individual needs. I look extremely foward to passing the state CASAC exam, and pursuing a career in counseling. This is all due to my personal experience at Great Escape CASAC TRAINING CENTER. A place where it feels like family, and the door will remain open to me, and others for time to come. Thank You.                                       Daniel M. Fasulo 12/22/16

I have had such a wonderful experience these past few months. Mr Bryant is a wonderful teacher. I have been able to take so much from him and his experience in the field. Mr Bryant and Esther provided more than just educational support . I'm so grateful to have found Great Escape..

I want to thank everyone at Great Escape for all their hard work and dedication. Because of this course I was able pass my CASAC Exam with flying colors. I will be recommending this course to all of my fellow coworkers that are going to be taking the CASAC exam in the future. I still cant believe how much of what I learned during this course was on my exam!                                                                                   Yvette Williams 11-10-16

Working as a CASAC-T for years was something I loved and was passionate about. However, sitting for the CASAC exam intimidated me, and I allowed fear to slow me up. The minute I contacted Great Escape, my decision was made. Esther talked me through my fears and answered many uncertainties about my OASAS credentialing process. Her knowledge was empowering. I went to the refresher course in Baldwin. MR. Bryant's classroom teaching and handout packets - were like a toolbox to fix my mind, focus in area of difficulty and schedule test. I thank Great Escape so very much and am proud to say on 10/2/16 I passed! Two weeks after the class!!!!! Sign UP! Get your tool box and don't allow the waiting game!      Kathy Giordano 10-3-16.

After finishing a four year university, I knew I wanted to get into the field of social work but I was unsure of where to go next. I found Great Escape and was surprised at how close it was to my hometown. After meeting with Esther and Anthony, I was sure that I wanted to pursue my CASAC through Great Escape. I just finished my last class and couldn't be more proud and honored to say that I completed my 350 hours through this school. The learning environment is well structured with small classes where one can get a hands on experience throughout the process. I left being confident and feeling well prepared for the exam as well as leaving with friends who became family. I am grateful for the opportunities I have gained through Great Escape. I am currently interning in the field and preparing to take my CASAC Exam.                                               Larissa Singh  10-2-16

I took my course at Great Escape and I appreciate all that I learned. It afforded me to pass my exam and begin my internship in the field. Anthony and Esther your course is top notch. I passed my exam . Thanks Guys.                                                                                                                                    James H., CASAC T. 9/27/16

Phyllis Brown took the CASAC EXAM course in Baldwin LI. passed the CASAC Exam Sept. 3, 2016. Thank you guys so much.                                                                                                  Phyllis Brown CASAC-T

 I just passed the exam on 6/6/16. This 350 hour course has been such an enriching experience. Mr Bryant with all of his knowledge and great personality has made this fun and really life changing. Esther also makes things very manageable. The practice tests were so helpful for passing this exam. I'm eternally grateful.                                                                                                                                        Jennifer Alboher CASAC-T BA

Great Escape is the school where you remember what you've learned. There's never a dull or sleepy moment even after lunch time! Anthony's style of teaching and interactions with peers made such deep and lasting impressions that the knowledge gained there "popped" into my mind automatically whenever I was studying or working with clients at work/internship. The curriculum is well laid-out. The study materials and class materials are comprehensive and informative, A special THANKS to Esther's terrific organization skills!  

I passed the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Examination (ADC) on 6/16/16! Jennifer Han-Ciccone, LMSW, CASAC-T.

 I have had such a wonderful experience these past few months. Mr Bryant is a wonderful teacher. I have been able to take so much from him and his experience in the field. Mr Bryant and Esther provided more than just educational support .  I'm so grateful to have found Great Escape.   Maureen Bisulca, CASAC-T 5/18/16


I was at a point in my life where my career was stalled and I was feeling discouraged. My decision to go to Great Escape was one of the best I’ve ever made. The classes are fun and dynamic, taught in a family atmosphere. I looked forward to attending every weekend. Anthony and Esther are not only knowledgeable, but want the best for their students. The have assisted me with everything from my CASAC application to preparing a new resume. They are empathetic people who always made time to meet with me one on one when I was overwhelmed. The Saturday track fit in perfectly with my schedule. I was able to complete the 350 hours, get my CASAC-T and pass the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam within fourteen months! Utilizing their test prep not only prepared me to do well on the exam the first time, but also boosted my confidence. I got my official scores back from the CASAC test and I got a 97% in Counseling and in Treatment Planning, Collaboration and Referral. I could not have done that without you and Anthony. Thank you!. I would like to thank them both for their expertise, patience and guidance. I will be returning here for training hours the first chance I get.

-                                                                                                          Lynn Dorney, MS, CASAC-T  5/11/16

I would like to acknowledge The Great Escape Ctr. I completed the Recovery Coach training. As a 30 year provider of substance abuse services, I found this course highly informative and useful. 
                                                                                                                                              Bruce B. 8/13/15                                                  

The training was very helpful and a confidence builder. I passed the test. I have a full time position in the field now.                                                                                                                         Anthony S.    5/10/15

Great Escape offers a comprehensive test-prep experience which accommodates group and 1:1 learning formats. They work closely with CASAC candidates to reinforce key concepts, which focus on question mechanics and the test-taking experience. It has been determined that most candidates who fail the CASAC exam, do so by less than 10 questions; 500 is the estimated passing threshold and 800 is a perfect score. I was informed that my score of 596 falls within the “excellent” score range. This credential attainment not only made my day but also reinforces the professional standards of my private practice (Healthwise Counseling LCSW, PPLC).Field experience alone may not be enough to pass this challenging exam; I truly appreciate and recommend the value-added experience & quality training brought together by Anthony Bryant and his dedicated team
                                                                    Christopher M. LCSW, CASAC - LCSW PLLC    5/4/15

Hi Anthony,
I passed the test!! I got there early and they let me start early. I felt very confident going in and I took my time. Thank you so much for your help! I felt really prepared and I am glad that I decided to do the review sessions with you. It was very helpful!
                                                                                                                                                Johanna J. 5/1/15

One of the best decisions for my career was to come to Great Escape for my CASAC training. The custom curriculum that Esther and Anthony created for me was smart, thoughtful and critical in obtaining my certificate for substance abuse counseling.Obtaining my MHC diploma was simply not enough in obtaining a job in the Substance  abuse field, so I endeavored on finding a facility for my CASAC certificate. I was lucky to have found Great Escape because the actual people who are training you are well informed, experts in substance abuse, still in the field and happen to own this facility so there are no discrepancies between management and the teacher. I was able to obtain my CASAC-T training in a few months with a schedule that Anthony, Esther and I worked out so I could finish school while obtaining my internship hours. I have felt like I was part of their wonderful family and they were always there for any extra help needed, they offered review courses for testing and were a wonderful support system for an overwhelmed graduating new professional. I absolutely Loved my experience with Great Escape and have recommended them to a few colleagues in the Mental Health Field. I can’t believe how much I was able to learn and fully obtain from each and every class. I still refer back to their power points sheets for reference. Such a pleasure to be taught by such wonderful and compassionate people who really understand what its like to work in this demanding field. I will certainly continue to use them for any further training I may need and would recommend them to everyone I know who is going into the Substance abuse field.                                                        Christina G. CASAC -T  (Recently Passed Exam 12/2014)

It is my pleasure to inform anyone interested in taking their 350 CASAC Educational Hours or Reinforced Learning Classes at Great Escape Substance Abuse Training and Information. I am well pleased with the trainings and information that I've obtained in such a minutely time period. Anthony Bryant demonstrates exceptional professionalism,  courtesy, respect, and appreciation to all of his 
students and staff. I soley support this Training Institution and their Mission...
                                                                                        Jamerlia W.-TOT Recovery Coach, CASAC-T

 I enrolled in Great Escape in efforts to complete the education requirements for CASAC Certification. However, I had no idea I would be gaining so much more. The classes I attended encompassed a very eclectic group of individuals, and the faculty did their very best to make sure our individual needs were met. The program also provides extensive CASAC exam prep courses where I was able to sharpen my test taking skills and learn new techniques. It feels great to be a part of a learning institution that welcomed me in like family and continues to have my best interest at heart.
                                                                                                                                    Tina W. MS

After graduating from a four year college, I knew my destination was to become a counselor for alcohol and substance abuse clients. This school not only educates their students in a fundamental setting, but also teaches students to be aware and draw from life experiences. We are given different types of scenarios during role play, and as students we learn how to react to certain situations that may occur in a work setting. Also, we learn how to utilize appropriate tools as a counselor. Great Escape is educating me to become the person I want to be in this field. Not only am I gaining knowledge from the material presented to me, but I am also growing as person. I strongly believe Great Escape is fully preparing me to become an astonishing counselor for my future clients.
                                                                                                          Erica H., BA   Great Escape Student

I am a 2013 graduate at Great Escape. My experience at Great Escape was very rewarding. The instructors had a wealth of knowledge and information in the field of substance abuse counseling and imparted into the lives of their students. I've learned so much at Great Escape and could not have made a better choice regarding my education.
                                                                          Gayle D., CASAC-T - Great Escape Graduate, Recovery Coach

I  have taken the prep class for the CASAC examination at Great Escape  The class was very enlightening . It helped  guide me in the areas I needed assistance. The instructors not only provided  thorough knowledge, they helped the participants to focus only  on their areas of weakness. I would recommend anyone to take this prep class, it was indeed a great help.
                                                                                                                          Nicola S., BA, CASAC-T

Great Escape offers an in depth program run by a divinely inspired and certified counselor. Anthony Bryant, is a gifted, seasoned veteran who combines book knowledge and personal experience allowing him to educate and train those who seek a career in alcohol and substance abuse counseling. 
                                                                                                                      Andy B. Great Escape Student

Since my enrollment at the Great Escape CASAC program, it has been a wonderful learning experience.  
I have been taught in array of skills relating to the field of chemical dependency.  I truly believe these skills will assist me as I continue to to pursue my education to become a Substance Abuse Counselor.
In addition, the trainers make learning comprehensive and facilitate role-plays that keep the students engaged.
I am so happy that I have chose this school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to obtain their CASAC. 
                                                                                   David L. Great Escape Student, Recovery Coach

I  am a proud 2013 graduate of Great Escape Substance Abuse Training and Information Inc.. 
I enrolled and took the 350 CASAC Educational Hours/Series of modules and couldn't have made a better choice. Not only have I increased my knowledge about the Disease of Addiction -I've learned so much more about myself and family members.  The modules are brought to life through active role plays and live presentations.  One of the instructors is Anthony Bryant who is also the founder/Director of Great Escape. Mr. Bryant makes sure that his students are knowledgeable , ready and cohesive as a classroom unit. Mr. Bryant brings a wealth of knowledge, spirituality and humor to his instructions.  Addiction is a serious matter, however,  an addict needs to know not to take themselves so seriously. I encourage anyone that wants to assist a person with changing their lives for the better, by stopping the addictive cycle, to enroll at Great Escape Substance Abuse Training and Information Inc. and experience a life change. "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
                                                Patricia D. CASAC-T, Great Escape Graduate, Certified Recovery Coach

I am a 35 year old male that decided to further my education on Substance Use Disorder. My concerns were, where I would be able to work? Where would I go to school? Would I be able to retain the information like when I was younger? All my questions were answered when I enrolled in Great Escape.The style of teaching and the individualized attention have allowed me to feel comfortable and make the progress I need to enter this field. 
The campus is  accessible to public transportation. I've received more then  I could have ever expected.This is a great educational institution with a family style setting that has motivated me.  I can finally say, I am one step closer to obtaining my goals..Thank you Great Escape.
                                                                                                                       Jason D. Great Escape Student

My name is Kevin Walker a student at Great escape. My experience at the school has surpassed my expectations. I am being trained in all areas of counseling..So many other things are learned in this program that go above and beyond book knowledge. The trainer has worked with all kinds of genders, races, religions, cultures and demographics. When book knowledge is not enough to get the point across his infield stories and unothordox style of teaching drives it home. The staff have helped me with everything from study techniques, updated my resume, referrals, and tools to make me a great counselor. The classroom is a comfortable family like setting where honesty is not only promoted but practiced. Everything from role playing to CASAC Prep Tests help me and my classmates as we embark on this new journey. I recommend this school for anyone looking to come into this field.
                                                                                                                  Kevin W. Great Escape Student

I started CASAC classes at Great Escape in October of 2013. I have since graduated and now use my knowledge in the field as a substance abuse counselor. I loved every minute of my classes. Mr.Bryant is so knowledgable and full of energy, I never had a boring class. He made learning fun for me and I'm sure for everyone in my class as well. I learned so much from this school and I recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get their CASAC. Thank you Great Escape!!

                                                     Kimberly W. CASAC-T, Great Escape Graduate, Certified Recovery 

Thank you Great Escape for such excellent CASAC test preparation. I passed the exam on 6-8-14. Again thanks for the knowledge...
                                                                                                                           Eon B., MA CASAC T